| FITNESS Marathon + Half-Marathon

MORE | FITNESS Marathon + Half-Marathon

Thousands of women run in the MORE | FITNESS Marathon + Half-Marathon in NYC's Central Park. Visit to run with us.

-I think it's [unk] more. I mean, what would bring women from 49 countries to all get together and run like this. It's an estrogen experience. -You know if you need to run a women's-only race, you know that's a rarity [unk]. -Nearly 8,000 women running this. -Crazy, crazy great. -This is just an event you can't miss. -Running has done so much more than giving us medals. It's gave me self-confidence. It's made me believe that I can do anything if I try hard. It's made me believe that if obstacles come in the way, I'm gonna have setbacks, but if I persevere, I could still achieve all. So, I say try it. -It is a real fun race. -Great course and lots of support along the way. -[unk] did a fantastic job. -It's just a sea of women, a wall of women like I've never seen before. -I salute them.