in 7 Days

Slimmer in 7 Days

Do these endurance-building and muscle-toning exercises twice in the order shown, three times a week to get a firmer body in 7 days.

Slimmer in 7 Days! Football Kick: Quickly alternating between kicks will keep up the calorie burn, but don't sacrifice good form. Avoid locking out your knees as you kick. Stork Stand with Curl: These are not your usual curls. By doing these lifts with palms facing down, you'll also work your forearms. Keep your elbows glued as closely to your ribcage as you can to really target your biceps. Sidestep Squat with Row: Remember to keep abs tight and your knees aligned over your ankles as you sink into the squat. Once you get into the rhytm, this exercise will feel like a hip- hop move. Reverse Lunge with T- Raise: Take your time to get those arms up to shoulder level. Swinging the dumbbells means you miss out on the sculpting. Meanwhile, this joint friendly lunge makes it easier to keep your front knee behind your toes. Cancan Kickback: Bring your leg up as high as you can as you pulse your arms behind you. If you feel yourself rounding your back, don't raise the dumbbells up so far. Woodchop Plie: Since this is a shaper move, the key here is to take your time to perform the plie properly. Your knees should be directly above your ankles as you squat with toes turned out slightly. Resist the temptation to race through the reps. Hands-Up Front to Rear Lunge: Aim to move quickly from front to rear lunge, even if you have to take a second to stand up in between. And remember to keep those arms extended straight overhead rather than allowing your hands to cheat a little forward. Modified Weighted Hundred: Keep your shoulders down so that the blades are nearly kissing behind your back. And tighten your abs so that you don't hunch through your reps. Iron Mountain Climber: Holding onto the handles of the dumbbells as shown is easier on your wrists than the palms-on-the-floor version of this move you did in P.E. class. Pretend your legs are like pistons going at a speedy pace. Wringer: Remember to keep your knees from actually touching the floor as you lower them to the side so that your abs maintain the contraction throughout the move.