Products for Your Gym Bag

Beauty Products for Your Gym Bag

FITNESS beauty editors pick the best multitasking beauty products for your gym bag and offer makeup touch-up tips so you'll look great during and after your workout.

-Hi! I'm Leah Wyar, the beauty director at FITNESS magazine. -And I'm Ayren Jackson-Cannady, the associate beauty editor at FITNESS magazine. -And this is an episode of pretty fit tips. At FITNESS, we have a beauty column called Gym Dandy where we feature portable, multi-tasking beauty products that are perfect for your gym bag. And we have four here today that we'd like to show you. The first two are hair products and the second two are makeup products. The first solution is a product from Principessa called hair and body powder. And what it is is just a regular powder that you put on the tips of your fingers. Ruffle it through your hair just like you'd apply shampoo in the shower and it instantly takes away the grease at your roots. It also gives you lots of great volume. It makes your hair smell really, really great, so you really just don't need to take a shower or shampoo your hair after you workout. The second product are headbands from Goody. And they actually have grips on them so that they stay put while you workout. You can put this on before you hit the treadmill or before your spinning class, and it keeps all those little baby hairs along your hairline from getting in your eyes. When you're growing out your bangs, this is perfect for it. You can also take the headband and wrap it around your fingers a couple of times and then use it as an elastic in you hair. It's a perfect solution for when you can't find your elastic in your gym bag, which is pretty common. It happens to me all the time. And finally, you can use it after you workout to just put your hair together and make a little hairstyle without ever having to pick up a blow dryer or running a brush through your hair, walk out the door, and you're good to go. Now Ayren, you have a few makeup products that you'd like to show everybody. -Right. Well, I know how hard it is to kind of load a bunch of makeup to the gym. So really, there are only two things that you really need. The first thing is this Black Radiance powder shadow with a little shimmer in it. You really can get any powder shimmer shadow, but it's how you apply it that really matters. A lot of makeup artists tell us that you can put it in the corners of your eyes. You can put it on your cheekbone and a little bit under your brow bone, and then you have like a complete look. And this one here is only $5. So, a complete look for $5---- you really can't beat that. -And it has a really great sponge-tip applicator, if you can see, which makes it super easy to apply. -Right. -You don't even need brushes, but if you do need brushes---- -Get this Sonia Kashuk mini brush set. It's smaller than the size of a wallet and you can just throw it in your bag. It comes with four brushes, but our favorite is this genius little brush here. One side, you can use for your brows to kind of spruce up your brows; and the other side, you can use for your eyelashes to unclump them after you workout. So, it's great. It's the size of a wallet. Throw it in your bag and you're good to go. -So, here you have four great products to put in your gym bag and stay tuned for another episode of pretty fit tips.