, Not Makeover

Make-Better, Not Makeover

Get simple makeup application and beauty tips so you can look your best, fast.

-Hi! I'm Leah Wyar, the beauty director at FITNESS magazine. -And I'm Ayren Jackson-Cannady, the associate beauty editor at FITNESS magazine. -And you're watching an episode of pretty fit tips. At FITNESS, we don't believe in make-overs, we believe in make-it-betters. And we have four tips here today that are going to take your look from so-so to spectacular. The first is about bronzer. Now, we all know that powder bronzer gives you the most natural look when it comes to choosing a bronzer. But what's the most natural way to apply a bronzer, Ayren? -The most natural way to apply a bronzer is to apply it where the sun naturally hits your face. So, you would apply it on your forehead, apply it on your cheekbones, your chin, a little bit on your nose, and don't forget your ears. -Ears are important. -Right. -Sun naturally [unk]. And you're going to use a powder brush, right? -Exactly. -So, eyeshadow - a lot of women who prefer a natural look don't necessarily know what color to choose for their lids. And you have a great tip for that. -Right. You should use your natural eyelid color as a roadmap to choosing a natural eyeshadow color. So, if you close your eyes and look in the mirror and you see kind of a bluish tone on your eyelids, go with more bluish/greenish earthy tones. If you close your eyes and you see kind of pinky or peachy colors, go with those tones of eyeshadows ----peaches, pinks, browns. Those kind of colors. -Great. - Now, when it comes to mascara, it can be tricky because it can look a little spidery, it can look a little like false lashes. So, the most natural way that I've heard recently to apply mascara is to look into the mirror and kind of mentally divide your upper lash line into threes. So if you look at your inner lashes, your outer lashes, and then everything in the middle. And that's exactly the way that you apply your mascara. You apply the outer lashes out towards your temples. You apply the inner lashes up toward the upper bridge of your nose. And then you apply the middle lashes straight up to your forehead. And that gives you a really great fan shape that makes your eyes look awake and it just sort of brightens up the entire area ----it'll take years off your face. Alright, and then finally we have a lipstick. We have these beautiful candy colored shades that are happening. They are really popular right now, but the tricky thing about that is that it really puts your lips at center stage and you have to have your lips looking really perfect and no chaps ----no chapped lips, right? -Nope, no chapped lips. -So what's the best way to get rid about that scruff? -The best way is to use a battery-powered face scrubber like this. You can get them in the drugstore. We like this one by Clarisonic. And, basically, you just hold it up to your lip, turn it on, and brush your lips with it for about 30 seconds. -Heard that. -And it scrubs away all of the dead skin and your lips are ready for the lipstick. -Really smooth and plump and beautiful. And if you apply too much of a saturated color, what's the best thing to do besides blotting with a tissue. -The best thing to do is to drink water out of a paper cup. -Uh huh. -The reason a paper cup is because you will leave any extra lipstick product on the cup and the water will seal it and kind of dilute the color. And it will almost look like a stain ----it'll be very beautiful. -Perfect! Thanks, Ayren! That's all for now so stay tuned for another episode of pretty fit tips.