Your Best Beach Body 2009

Get Your Best Beach Body 2009

These toning exercises will give you firm muscles faster by using more muscle fibers. Plus, each move works your abs by engaging your core for stability. Do this workout 3 times a week with cardio for results. You'll need a ball or dumbbell.

Bikini Body Workout 2009: Our Best Bikini Body Workout Ever. Single Leg Pulse: The key here is to do slight dips, not full squats. To make it easier, hold the ball closer to your chest. Plie Pendulum: Keep your abs tight and really try to hinge sideways at your waist without bending forward. Twister: Try to really rotate so that your elbow and opposite knee cross over to the other side, rather than touch in the middle. Seated Leg Extender: To make this move easier, lift one foot at a time. To make it harder, sit leaning forward and place your palms on the ground in line between your knees and shins. Around the World: Remember to lift your heel as you start to pivot and sink into a lunge as you rotate. Pretzel Position: For this move, you can pulse your leg backward by just one inch or try this variation where you pulse it up by an inch. Uneven Push-Up: If you can't do a full push-up, do this modified version. Try to keep your hand on the ball so that it is directly in-line with the elbow. Rotating Pass: Keep your abs tight throughout this exercise. You can either do all reps to one side, then switch, as seen here. Or alternate, rotating from side to side.