's Style Makeover

Giovanna's Style Makeover

Fitness Style Director Argy gives Giovanna tips for dressing for her body type so she can look slimmer. Music by Kevin MacLeod,

-Hi, I'm Argy Koutsothanasis. I'm the fashion director of FITNESS Magazine and we're here shooting Giovanna who's been working with us for 3 months doing a make over. And this time around, we are doing her wardrobe consultation, which we're very excited about. I'm very excited about wardrobe consultation. Giovanna is going through some of her stuff, which I don't think works. For instance these jeans, she's a classic apple shape, which means that she's got really slim shapely legs and the worse kind of jeans that she can wear is this wide-leg trousers. Because basically what it does is it takes up on the volume of her middle and continues at lower end. It just makes her look wider. So, what it does is it de-emphasizes the volume from her middle and it really draws the attention to her shapely, shapely legs. -Right. -This is the exact opposite of what something that I picture doing. Like if you can imagine you wearing these jeans with this top, it would just like be all these volume. But in [unk], we've got this really beautiful vibrant color, looks like the [unk] your way, so, it gives you a little bit of definition, but it's loose enough that it's not making you feel like you're strapped in, and then it will draw your attention to your legs. So, let's take pictures. -Yeah. -Like, we're gonna do some more pictures. -Yes. -The other thing that we do wanna talk about briefly is these jeans that you are gonna say goodbye to. This wash, I don't know why they keep it in stores. This does nobody any favors. Maybe if you're like 15 and high school and you just roll over the bottom, but you don't want to look like your 15 years old at all. -No. -You wanna look chic and sophisticated. -Yeah. -So we're gonna say bye to this like light colored wash because it makes you look wide and that's the bottom line. And it's got this flare leg, which is not good for you. You look good with a tight leg or skinny jeans, so. -Okay so you know you look super sexy and super hot. -Thank you. Thank you. -Okay. The thing I love about this top for you. First of all its color and you look really nice in these, like, hot colors, like the oranges, and the reds, and the hot pink, but you already know that from the past. And the thing that makes this top really great is that it's loose, but form fitting a little bit like just under your dress, which is really nice. Because it gives you shape, spaces, and like you're losing weight and it makes you feel like spectacular, right? Is it comfortable? -I love it, I think it's great. -And we put a little tank top there to give you a little bit more coverage, right? Because you don't wannna display them like there like that because you will definitely get attention walking down the street. -That's right. -But not necessarily the kind you want. -Right. -And let's talk about these fabulous jeans. These are the jeans that we were talking about before. They're from Ann Taylor Loft petite section, right? So, they are 12, which fits you really well and the thing that's really great is there's maybe a little bit snug in the waist, right? It gives you something to keep working for it. -Yeah. -You're not gonna get lazy and be like "Oh they're still loose jeans that I can just wear out" right? -Uh huh. -It keeps you on your toes, it hugs her legs, and she looks really incredible and again with just a little bit of a lift, but if she wanted to do the hemming of them, she don't even have to change it; it's like already for me, right? Because it's from the petite section and she could do it with a flat. It'll bunch up a little bit more, which is still very stylish. -Yeah. -Or you can do it with like a little bit of a lift like this, which makes it very comfortable. But again, they hug your legs, showing off your best asset, to create the illusion of a little bit more waist definition here. And the thing that's also really great is that it's a 3/4 sleeves you can use over the full sleeve, but it will cover up too much skin. And you always want to show some skin, right? You wanna show some skin here, draw attention up to your sexy, sexy face. You wanna show some skin and make your arms look leaner. So, overall, I think you look hot. Let's go take some pictures lady. -Thank you. I feel great, I love it. Thank you so much. -Okay cool. -Okay, so with the guidance and support other fitness team, I am now down 30 pounds and with Argy's help (she is the stylist here), I will now be kind of reorganizing my wardrobe. So, I'm gonna start to get some more form-fitting leggings and pants and of course jeans that---- I think I'm gonna shop in the petite section now that fall down my ankle or below and I'm gonna get some more form-fitting tops and the things that show off my new shapely physique that's all gonna be getting better. So, please stay tuned on I will be having a blog there and I'll let you know how my progress is going and I'm going to loose those last 20 pounds and I'm gonna reach my goal and I just thank Fitness Magazine so much for all guidance and support. So, keep up with me.