Down in a Splash

Slim Down in a Splash

Try this toning water workout routine for a fun workout that burns tons of calories.

Slim Down in a Splash. K-Tread. Think of this move as treading water with a kick, literally. You're gonna try and keep your leg parallel to the pool bottom, hold for 5 seconds, and then switch. You're gonna do this for 30 seconds. Now remember to try and keep your legs as straight as possible. Squeeze your gluts and quads and, of course, keep those abs tight. Wavemaker. For this dolphin kick, you're gonna use your whole body, not just your legs, to make the biggest wave possible. You're gonna do this for 30 seconds and if you get tired, don't quit, just do lighter kicks. Otter Roll. This move is not only a whole bunch of fun but it's a great ab firmer. You're gonna use your leading shoulder and hip to drive through the water and use your legs to get you over a full 360-degree turn. Do this for 30 seconds. Pike Skull. Your aim here is to keep this V position as you tread. If you feel your toes dipping below the water line, then tighten your abs and widen the V to keep your toes nice and dry. Ball Lever. Keep your body and your arms nice and straight throughout this move. Hold the ball as quickly as you can towards your thighs. You're gonna do this for 30 seconds, and if you wanna make the move harder, choose a bigger beach ball.