a Jeans Size 2009

Drop a Jeans Size 2009

The 2009 Drop a Jeans Size workout will tone your abs, butt, and thighs. Do 2 sets of these toning exercises twice a week and do cardio workouts 3 times a week to fit into your skinny jeans in a month.

-Hey! What's up? I'm Julie Reuter and I'm shooting for Fitness Magazine today. -A Sumo Power. We're going to be doing 10 repetitions of the Sumo Power Squat. Now to make 1 repetition, you're going to press up with your left and then press up with your right arm. That's 1 repetition. Keep going. Remember to press through your heels to get yourself up and keep your elbows close to your ears to really focus in on the upper arm. Looking good. Now to make this move a little easier, you can do a traditional squat for your feet are shoulder width-apart. The Sumo is a little bit tougher since you're taking that wider stance and turning out your toes. If you wanna crank up the toning on this move, you can extend both arms at the same time rather than alternating. It's your choice. Doing great! Dip-and-Drag Curl: We're gonna try and do 8 to 12 repetitions on each leg of the Dip-and-Drag Curl. With your right chin resting on the stability ball behind you, you're going to bend your left knee to sink into a squat. Scheme the dumbbell down your ribcage as you dip and scheme them up as you stand. Keep those elbows pointing directly behind you. Now you're going to switch legs placing your left shin on the ball behind you. Eight more repetitions. Make sure your right knee stays behind your toes as you dip. Nice work. And that's your set. Good morning! Okay, 2 things you wanna remember about this move. Number 1, keep those dumbbells parallel to the ground. Even as you move just make sure they're always parallel to the ground. Number 2, you wanna push your butt backward. That's right. Don't fold over at the hip. It's more about pressing your butt backwards. Looking good. Just a couple more. And that's your set of 10 repetitions. Side Lunge with Teacup Raise: Here we go. You're going to do 10 lunges here then switch leg and do another 10. As you lunge, make sure to keep your knee over your ankle. Now the key to the Teacup Raise is keeping your pinky knuckle high. Just that little pinky lift will help you target the medial deltoid in your shoulder. It's the muscle that gives you that nice V-shape at the top of your arm. Okay, now switch other side. If you're having a tough time coordinating, do the Teacup Raise after you've lunged and not during. Four more. Good job! Lower-Half Lift: Okay, we'll be doing 10 lifts here. And how far apart you keep your leg is up to you. You can even switch it up and do a few lifts with feet together then a few lifts with feet wide apart. Remember, squeeze your glute as you lift. Keep it up. Good job! Rolling Pin: The Rolling Pin is a great move for you butt and hamstrings. Try to do 10 reps on each leg. Really dig your heel into the ball to bring it toward your derriere. Take it slow and with control. Nice job! Now we're going to switch leg and do 10 more. If you're having trouble doing this with a single leg, you can use both heels on the ball. Looking good. Just a few more. Rainbow Flye: Think of hugging a giant beach ball as you do this move, meaning keep a little bend in your elbows the whole time. We'll do 10 reps right here. Aim to bring the head of the dumbbells together directly above you. This move is a great chest-firming move. But if you keep your abs tight, this is also a great belly-flattening move. So don't let your middle think. -Smile. -Reverse Flye: The Reverse Flye is a great exercise for your upper back. We're gonna go for 10 reps here. If you're having a hard time bouncing, plank your feet wider apart. Imagine trying to make your shoulder blades kiss behind your back at the top of the lips. De-calf-inator: This is a move you can do even at your desk chair with some books on your knees. We're just going to lift your heels 12 times. What you're targeting here is the muscle in the calf called the soleus. Just a few more. Nice work. Kickstand: This kickstand is a killer abs fencing exercise and also a hip slimmer. We're going to do 8 reps on this side then flip and use the other leg. Keep your torso from tipping forward. You want your hips and legs stacked throughout the move. Now we're gonna switch side. Press your heel out as you lift your leg. Keep going. And that's your set.