to Shop for Healthy Snacks

How to Shop for Healthy Snacks

Get healthy grocery shopping tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, for choosing healthy snacks and getting the right snack portions.

-Hello, I'm Dawn Jackson Blatner registered dietician with FITNESS magazine and I'm here at Stop & Shop in Union New Jersey in the snacks section of the grocery store. Snacks are very important part of a healthy diet. They help bridge up between 2 meals; so, that we're not super hungry. Now, if you ask me of my favorite snack and I always like to have snacks that are part protein and part produce. So, the first option these string cheeses, individually portioned cheeses. These are great way to get your cheese, but not over do it. I like to pair this with something like a pear and grapes; it's a very good snack. Another produce and protein combination would be cottage cheese, one of my favorite is low-fat cottage cheese that is whipped, and so that takes a very good texture---- creamy texture into things. I would like to put cottage cheese with berries especially---- especially blue berries. Another great snack are nuts, but sometimes nuts can go over board with portioning. So, a great way to portion is to buy things like pistachios. These are individually portioned and take a long time to eat and you get 49 or 170 calories, that's a great deal pair it with an apple and that makes a delicious snack.