to Choose the Right Yogurt

How to Choose the Right Yogurt

Get healthy grocery shopping tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, for choosing the healthiest yogurts and other healthy ingredients you can add.

Hello! I'm Dawn Jackson Blatner, registered dietician with Fitness Magazine, and I'm here at Stop & Shop in Union, New Jersey in the yogurt section of the grocery store. Yogurt makes a great breakfast, a great snack, but oftentimes it can be hard to choose the right yogurt because there's so much added sugar to many of them. So, the greatest tip when you're choosing a yogurt is to choose plain. Plain yogurt whether it's low fat or no fat is a very good way to control the sugar. However, there's not a lot of flavor in plain, so add your own flavor by adding things like sliced strawberries that is delicious together, and I also like the idea of putting a little added sweetness like honey. Honey actually makes the good bugs in yogurt even better for you, helping your digestion and also maybe even helping in unity. Now, when you're thinking about do I buy small packages, do I buy large packages of yogurt, if you get the large ones is gonna save you money because you're portioning home. Now, if you're looking for a little added punch of protein you can go with a Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is strained, so it's gonna have more protein and a nice, creamy, thick, delicious texture.