to Shop for Healthy Juices and Drinks

How to Shop for Healthy Juices and Drinks

Get healthy grocery shopping tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, for choosing healthy, low-calorie juices and drinks.

Hello! I'm Dawn Jackson Blatner, registered dietician with Fitness Magazine, and I'm here at Stop & Shop in Union, New Jersey in the juice section of the grocery store. We don't only drink of water everyday, there's a wide variety of things that we drink. However, those calories in the cup can add up very quickly. So, it's important that what you choose to drink is nutritious and calorie controlled. Now, when you're in the juice section like I am, making sure that your juice is 100% all juice is very important. It has the most vitamins with not a lot of additives. I like these big jugs of juice, but you either portion about half of a cup to a cup of juice or a good option for you might be to do something like juice in a box. This is portion controlled and a 100% juice. If juice isn't your thing or you wanna venture out, you can also do things like tea. I have some assorted herbal teas. I like mint tea after meals that helps control cravings or even something like green tea that has a nice little dose of caffeine to give you a perk me up or even try waters. Plain water is great, but if you need some variety, you can try slicing up, not only just lemons or limes, but cucumbers, mints, pears, also it's a fruit floating in your water makes a great healthy, delicious low-calorie option to hydrates.