to Stock a Healthy Pantry

How to Stock a Healthy Pantry

Get healthy eating tips from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, for stocking a kitchen pantry with healthy foods.

-Hello! I'm Dawn Jackson Blatner, registered dietician with FITNESS magazine and I'm here in the house of Stephanie Liegl. So, are you gonna be ready to show me your pantry? -Yes. -Let's go. -Okay. -First thing I noticed is a lot of good, whole-grain cereals. That's the most important thing when you're choosing a cereal---- whole grain. I also see that you have granola which is a great way to get whole grains. However, it can be pretty high in calorie. So, what's the portion size? -A quarter cup. -So, a quarter cup---- awfully small. So, just be sure when you're going to eat it, measure it so that you're doing yourself, you know, not too many calories in the morning. -Okay. -And speaking of calorie control and portioning, dried fruit is a very good way to get nutrients; however, you don't get very much. So, that too, just be conscious about portioning. How many prunes do you get? -Five. -Yeah. So, eat those nice and slow. When you think about fruits, a lot of times canned fruits can be great but they can also not be so great. So, you have a great version here of no sugar added. I think that is fantastic. A+ on this! -Great. -I found something I wanna get rid of, though. -Oh! -And this is fruit with sugar added, so there are a lot of additional calories here with not a lot of nutrition. So, I'm gonna put that away and have you keep that no-sugar-added fruit. -Okay. -Now, when it comes to sugary treats and snacks, here is something---- frosting---- which does taste delicious but this has a lot of trans fats in it which are not good for your heart. So, I'm going to take this away and ask you to whip up a batch of home-made frosting for all of your birthday parties. -Okay. -Okay. So, let's talk about snacks a little bit too. I notice here---- this is a pretzel bag. A lot of people love pretzels but they're very processed. They're not a whole grain. So, I'm gonna have you put those away and instead- -Wait, it says fat free. -Yeah. Fat free is great but they're not whole grain, so they're not gonna give you a lot of nutrition. -Oh! -But I did find something in your cabinet that I absolutely love that is a whole-grain snack---- -Okay. -that I would like you to eat even more of, and these are corn tortillas. And when you look on the ingredients---- What's the first ingredient? -Whole organic yellow corn. -So when you hear that word "whole", you should be embracing it and loving it and know that you're doing your body a good thing. -Okay. -Just keep the portions. It says about how many chips? -6 chips. -Okay. So, keep them small and add dips like salsa to bulk that up or even low-fat bean dip will help those 6 chips go a little bit longer. -Okay. -Okay. And I also---- in the kind of chip family---- I noticed that you have carrot chips. Now, when you eat these, it is giving you very good crunch but not a lot of nutrition. -Okay. -So, these are okay to keep---- -Oh, okay. -But just consider them like a chip instead of a real carrot. -Okay. -Okay, so good chip, not a vegetable. And the last thing I'll show you is when it comes to crackers. Crackers should be whole grain just like everything in your pantry, and so when I read this box. What's the first ingredient? -Enriched flour. -Enriched flour is not whole grain. So, I'm gonna toss these and we're going to the store to get you some whole-grain crackers, okay.