Best Jeans for Petite Legs

The Best Jeans for Petite Legs

Find out which jeans flatter short legs and get tips for what to wear with your denim.

-Hi I'm Argy Koutsothanasis fashion director of FITNESS magazine and I'm here with Lauren one of the staff of the FITNESS who is gracious enough to let us give her a general makeover and I have to say, I'm gonna cry, these are awful. The hem is butchered. The color on these is so dated. When did you have these? When you were 12? And then look at this butt. These pockets are terrible. I believe there should be more Lauren in there. Okay, I have this great pair for you. You're so cute. You could totally rock the skinny. Can we see them on you? -Oh well, they look great. -I love you in skinny jeans because you're petite. So, petites could get away with wearing the skinny jeans and you've got great legs. The hem is perfect. No fraying. I love this trend because it's a lot more modern than the one you were wearing, very today, and then the pockets are just perfectly placed on your butt. They don't have all that detailing, it's the right kind of attention and they hug your body so perfectly. You look really great. -Thank you.