Best Jeans for Plus Sizes

The Best Jeans for Plus Sizes

Find out which jeans flatter plus sizes and get tips for what to wear with your denim.

-Hi, Argy Koutsothanasis, Fashion Director of FITNESS Magazine, and I'm here with one of our staffers, Erin, who's agreed to let us make over this oversized pair of jeans that she's wearing. Curvy girls tend to wanna hide in really big jeans and that's not a good idea. I think they're too big and they don't show off any of your curves. The other thing I'm hating is this cargo pocket right on the hip, drawing all this attention to a place you probably don't want too much attention, and then these back pockets. They're so sad and tiny with this oversized flap, just drawing attention to how much room there is under here. They're not really accentuating your rear the way it should be. So, I have a pair over here that I think is gonna be much more slimming and flattering. Do you wanna try them on? -Yes. -Thank you. You look amazing! You look like you dropped 10 pounds just because you went with the slimmer silhouette. You lost all that volume. So what this is doing is hugging your curves. The flare over here balances the fact that it's more form fitting here. We got rid of that terrible cargo pocket. So this is nice and slim. But the best part is your rear. I have to say, these pockets are a little bit bigger. So, it's in more proportion to your butt and it looks amazing. You look really fantastic.