Best Jeans for Long Legs

The Best Jeans for Long Legs

Find out which jeans flatter long legs and get tips for what to wear with your denim.

-Hi! I'm Argy Koutsothanasis, fashion director of FITNESS magazine, and I'm here with one of our readers, Monica, who is one of the subjects of our jean therapy makeover story that's in our September issue, and Monica came to us because she's got the problem of having legs that are too long---- if we all had this problem---- but it can be a problem. As you can see, the jeans that Monica is wearing---- they're way too short and you could definitely wear heels but this length is not helping you. The other problem that I have with these jeans is the placement of the pockets---- the fact that it gaps open and it sits right on your hips and it makes your hips look really wide but not in a good way. The other problem is that there's just too much fabric here. They're too voluminous. They're just too loose through your knees and through your sexy calf, so I'd like to give you something that's gonna be a little bit more form-fitting, maybe a little bit longer and let's see how sexier you look. -Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you. -Oh my gosh! They look so much better. Don't they feel better? -They do. -Do you feel sexier? -Totally. -Okay, how great is this length. This is exactly where it's supposed to be. It's not too short. It's not cutting you off at the ankle. It's just making you look long and sexy. The pockets are exactly where they're supposed to. No gapping open. They sit perfectly flat on your hips, and look at how sexy these hugging legs. You look fantastic! -Thank you.