Triceps Extension

One-Legged Triceps Extension

Toning exercise for your triceps and core from celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Alright, remember, exercise is a key, but you have to combine it with a heart-healthy diet. Keep your cholesterol low and your body fat low. My tip to you. Work with it. I'm going to a one-leg dumbbell extension. I'm gonna take the leg. That's really lift up. These are the kickstands. Take the dumbbells up. I have my balance now. I'm lifting that leg and I'm going into an extension. There's a little break in my support leg, so I wanna keep the core engaged. I'm working the triceps, and you'll find out by doing this this way as your triceps feel like they're running out of steam, when you shift leg and you get your balance from the other side all of a sudden, you can squeeze a little more at your triceps. Right there. Let's get four of them. All triceps, all triceps, all triceps.