Lunge With Woodchop

Side Lunge With Woodchop

Toning exercise for your arms and legs from celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Alright, this next move and this is the kind of thing I encourage clients to do as well as make good choices outside of the gym which includes your soy milk 'cause you need the protein to use the energy. This is a Wood Chop with a Side Lunge and you could do these static so you're staying in the same place or you could do them advancing. Take a dumbbell or a medicine ball or a gallon of water or whatever you can handle up to the side and chop down, look at your target, and then follow it if you're advancing or you can chop down, come back up, chop down, come back up. Last one. You can see where you're going with it. And then go to the other side, you get a chop, down, down. Let the hip sink. You're getting gluts, you're getting core. What else could you want?