Complete Workout With Gunnar Peterson

Our Complete Workout With Gunnar Peterson

Tone your muscles and get heart-healthy with toning exercises from this workout routine by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

-Hi, my name is Gunnar Peterson. I'm gonna show you 10 moves that are gonna help you on your heart, healthy lifestyle. These moves and Silk Soy Milk are gonna do it for you. So get ready and let's get out there. Alright, here's a move. It's called the Dumbbell Squat to Triple Extension with a Monkey Row. You don't have to write it down. You just have to do it. I want you to squat down and you gotta drive up through the heels and then shift the weight out to the toes as you row the dumbbells up to your armpits. You're gonna come up, easy down, right there. Steady breathing, keep the chest and chin high, throw them up, just like that. I'm gonna give you 3 more, and depending on what your workout looks like today, you can add or subtract from these. Just make sure your form is good and you beat them up. Alright, this next move, and this is kind of the thing I encourage clients to do as well as make good choices outside of the gym, which includes the soya milk 'cause you need the protein and you need the energy. This is a Woodchop with a Side Lunge, and you can you this static. So you're standing in the same place. Or you could them advancing. Take your dumbbell or a medicine wall or a gallon of water or whatever you can handle up to the side and chop down. Look at your target, and then follow it if you're advancing. Or, you can chop down, come back up, chop down, come back up. Last one, see where you're going with it, and then go to the other side. You're gonna chop down, down. Let the hips sink. You're getting glutes, you're getting core, what else could you want? Alright, this next move, I would put up against pretty much any more out there. It's a Dumbbell Squat Press with a Twist. So you're gonna go down. There's your squat using the dumbbells. There's the press, and there's the twist. Try to put your arms just too far forward, you wanna keep them back, and then other side. You can perform these all to one side and then do the other side, or you can all say it like I'm doing. Makes it a little more realistic, probably a little more challenging on your balance system, either way, I have complete and total confidence in you. Alright, remember: Exercise is key. But, you have to combine it with a heart healthy diet, keep your cholesterol low, and your body fat low; my tip for you. Work with it. I'm going to a One Leg Dumbbell Extension. When I take the leg, I will eventually lift up, use it as a kickstand. Place the dumbbells up. I have my balance now. I'm lifting that leg and I'm going into an extension. There's a little break in my support leg, so I wanna keep the core engaged. I'm working the triceps, and you'll find out by doing this, this way. As your triceps feel like they're running out of steam, when you shift legs and you get your balance from the other side, all of a sudden, you could squeeze a little more out of your triceps. Right there, let's get 4 of them; all triceps, all triceps. Alright, this is a Hinge Crunch, and I'm gonna add a dumbbell overhead because I'm a big fan of adding weight. Let's do abdominal training. You can use a dumbbell. You can use a band. You can use a ball. You can use a cable. You're only limited by your imagine. So I'm gonna crunch in, knees to chest, weight coming up and over, and back. I'm curling up but I'm also bringing the lower body towards the upper body. So I'm hitting the abdominal wall from the origin up high closer to the heart, and from the insertion down low by your waist. This is a Push-Up with a T-Raise. It's gonna get your heart rate elevated. I know you have that healthy heart because you're getting a proper diet, low in saturated fat, also low in cholesterol, and you're including Silk Soya Milk. And if you're not, you're not as smart as you look. You're going down into the push-up, up, rotate, break down, set it down gently, up, other side, bring it down, up. If you want, you can do these on your knees. I just want you to keep your toes down. So you're still getting a push-up, rotate, push-up, rotate, and you don't have to use the weight if that's too much. A number of ways to modify this: I just want you to engage the core as well as engaging the muscles of the chest, shoulders, triceps. Alright, the next move is a Plank. You can do it from the forearms or you can do it all the way up on your hands. I'm gonna give to you some forearms. Pull the abs in, feet together, lock your body up, work on your posture. Relax your hands, no stress on the hand. Make sure you keep breathing steady. Let's do this for time. Start with 15 seconds; work your way up to a minute. Steady breathing, abs pulled in. You don't have to stay on this the whole time, guys. You should be doing your own workout, not just staring at me being still. Alright, this move is a Side Plank with a Reach Under and Roll. So, I want you to go on your forearm, line your body out. You should have a straight line from the heels up to your head, abs pulled in and engaged, shoulders directly over the elbow. Coming up, you're gonna take this dumbbell and you're gonna reach under, and rotate up. Reach under, and rotate up. Try not to sag too much that way. Keep it up and keep it tight. Whatever number you perform on this side, please perform them to the other side. Alright, this move is called the Superman and I poached it right out of a PT clinic and I'm not ashamed to tell you that. Great for the muscles on the lower back which is also part of your core musculature. You lift up arms, legs at the same time, lower, lift, and lower. Because I'm a fan of the weights, you can add weights to it. You can add one weight. So it's uneven, so you stretch your core differently. You can alternate. The options are nearly limitless. That's my challenge to you. Alright. This is a move that incorporates peripheral heart action training, which means, shunting the blood from the lower extremity to the upper extremity. I'm a big fan of that kind work. It keeps your heart rate elevated. It keeps torching body fat. And, if you combine movements like this with things Silk's new Heart Health Soy Milk, and your cholesterol is down, you're a circulation machine, and you will torch your body fat and look fabulous. Here we go. Step out and align. Reach for the front, pop back, curl the dumbbells. Step out, pop back, right there, small step, that's why the mat's out, it's keeping me engaged. Just a couple of feet, not more, I don't need any big lunges. I want your hips to stay high, breathing steady. Come back with a purpose as though you're getting off a hot surface, right there. Two more because these feel so good and because my heart is pumping! Get out there, people. Keep working out, keep eating right, and add Silk Soya Milk to your diet, or it's on you.