Your Best Body Ever

Get Your Best Body Ever

The Get Your Best Body Ever workout has total-body toning exercises to help you lose weight.

-You can do it, lose 10, 15, 20 pounds. -Hi I'm Joe Masiello, co-owner of FOCUS Integrated Fitness in New York City and I created this lose 10 pounds program exclusively for Fitness Magazine. -Reach and Press: This Reach and Press is a great full body move. As you reach forward, bend your knee as if you're doing a single-leg squat. Bring the dumbbell to your shoulder, then pressed it overhead so that your palm faces forward. Now to make this move a little easier, you can do it without a weight or switch your standing leg for better balance. Keep your abs nice and tight. You're going to do 12 repetitions, then switch sides, and repeat. Chair Bird Dog: With your palms flat on the seat, inch forward so that your hips slide off and then extend 1 leg and the opposite arm forward. The key here is to keep your abs nice and tight. Hold for 1 to 3 counts, then lower your arm and leg and repeat. You're going to do 8 to 10 reps then switch sides and do another set. Bridge Press Plus: Lift your hips and keep them up as you press the dumbbells overhead with your palms facing each other. Now, you're gonna wanna keep your forearm still as you bend your elbows to bring the weights toward the floor. You're going to do 12 repetitions just like this, and remember don't let those hips sink. Dead Bug with Ball: The Dead Bug is a great move for flat abs. You wanna really press into the ball with your knees and hands throughout. Slowly extend your right arm and left leg towards the floor then press them back into the ball. You're going to do 10 reps with this arm and leg, then switch sides. Ball Wall Hold: This move might look simple but you'll really feel it in your upper back. The key here is to make sure you're standing far enough from the wall, so that your back is flush with the edge of the ball. Really press the back of your hand into the center of the ball, so that it doesn't move an inch. Now to make this easier, you can keep both feet on the floor or use a smaller ball. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. Frog Squat: Here, you're doing a deep squat and hinging forward rather than standing up. You're gonna raise your hips so that your legs are nearly fully extended but keep bending forward at the waist so that your elbows stay glued to your knees. Press your palms into the ends of the dumbbell. If you have weak knees, bend them only to 90 degrees, no lower. You're going to do 20 reps, just like this. Write Your Name Plank: Clasps your hand together and dig your elbows into the ball. Use your elbows to trace the letters of your first and last name twice. Aim to do the move for 30 to 45 seconds. Gimme a Y! Gimme a T!: First, you're gonna form a letter Y raising the weights from in front of you to diagonally overhead so that your palms are facing up slightly. Do 8 repetitions of the letter Y and then you're going to switch to the letter T. Now the key here is to stay in this half squat position and hinge forward from the hips so that your back is nearly parallel to the floor. When you completed all the Y's, switch to T. Do 8 reps of the letter T to complete the set.