Energy, Blast Fat

Boost Energy, Blast Fat

Burn 130 calories in 15 minutes with our equipment-free Boost Energy, Blast Fat workout.

Boost Energy, Blast Fat! Star Squat: Squat down. Kick back into a push up position then burst up with your arms and legs out in a star shape. You're going to do 10 reps just like this. Speed skater: Here, you're going to lunge from side to side as you reach across to touch one hand near the opposite foot. Do a lunge to each side to complete 1 rep. You're going to do 20 reps total. Lunge Kick: Lunge forward then kick your back leg up as you lunge forward again. Take 10 lunges alternating legs, turn around and do 10 more. Knee up, jump lunge, lunge back with one leg then bring your knee up as you spring back up. Do a little hop on your standing leg each time. Do 10 reps then switch legs. Sumo Kick: Do wide squat then a sidekick across the floor. Do 10 kicks in one direction then 10 in the other direction to return to start.