Abs Fast

Flat Abs Fast

These super-sculpting ab exercises with a resistance tube will tone your midsection in 14 days.

-Flat Abs Fast. Row boat: Ready to row your boat. You're gonna do a biceps crawl as you leaned back and a triceps kick back as you lean forward. Keeps your abs nice and tight and do 16 reps. Crouching Tiger: From this full push up position, you're gonna bend you knees to get back into a crouch and then extend your legs to return to pull push up. Keep you abs nice and tight and do 16 reps. Baseball Swing: Pivot on your left foot as you rotate up and out of your squat. Keep those elbows bent and those hands together as you swing. Do 8 reps this way and switch sides and repeat. Raised Squat: Press the band way overhead as you stand and only sit for a second when you squat. You're going to 16 reps. Upstream Swim: You go here as you try to bring your arms parallel to the floor. You can either do all your reps on 1 side then switch sides and repeat or do 16 reps alternating sides. Tubing Half-Teaser: The trick here is to roll your torso off the floor using your abs and not pulling with your arms. Try drawing your navel into your spine. You're gonna do 8 reps on this leg, then switch legs and repeat. Cat's Cradle: Imagine you're doing bicycles here bringing your elbow to the opposite knee. Twist side to side to do 1 rep. You're gonna do 16 reps total. Resistance Side Plank: Rotate to bring your left arm straight up and then back down again. You can do 8 reps on this arm, then switch or do 16 reps alternating arms.