The Bug

The Bug exercise works your back, abs and thighs.

-To strengthen the upper back, we're gonna borrow an exercise from Pilates known as The Bug. It's kind of like a bent-over fly. So, we're gonna stand with the feet hip-width apart and you're gonna take a deep knee bend and a hip bend all at the same time, and your back should be as flat as it can be. Go ahead and round the arms underneath you, so you're making a big circle, and we just light weights for these. And then you're gonna lift the arms wide to the side and lower them down. Let's go for 8 reps. This is number 2 and down. See how nice and flat the back is. Three and down. You don't wanna keep the elbows too bent, keep them long, and down. Let's go for 5. Your stomach is still lifted up the whole time and lower. Number 6 and lower. Last two. This is 7 and down. And last one. Eight and now follow my voice. Just round your head and your arms and stretch over your legs. It's important to roll up through the back here and just come up 1 vertebra at a time. We did 1 set of 8 repetitions, but you can work up to 2 sets as your back gets stronger.