Swivel Plank

The Swivel Plank exercise works your abs and obliques.

-We're gonna show you the swivel planks now. These are great for strengthening the obliques, which really need support after a baby. So, you're gonna come on out on to the elbows in a supported plank and stay for a moment. Ideally, you wanna build up to hold this position for 30 seconds before your begin, but I think for starters today just 10 is enough and then we're gonna hip-to-hip. So, a little twist and a little twist. That's one set. Two and two. Let's work up to 8 to start. There's the third and you wanna keep the hips from rising. They like to bop up in the air, but keep them low. That's it. Keep going. Over and six. Keep your belly up and seven. Last set. Eight and then come to center, level off, bend your knees, and stretch your back to finish. We can work up to 12 sets of that, but 8 is a great place to start.