Flip-Grip Pulses

The Flip-Grip Pulses exercise works your shoulders and triceps.

We're gonna do the flip grip pulses now. These are great for toning your triceps and strengthening the upper back. Pay close attention to how you use your hands and the position of the weights. We will start in Pilates stance again. So, heels together and toes apart, always holding on to the glute muscles nice and tight, carry the weights just in front of you, not high and you're gonna carry them right behind you, getting the triceps to work and we start by going back and then straight to the hips 5 times, back and straight to the hips, and 3 bring it back, and 4 and back, and 5. Here comes the change! On the sixth one, you lift and we just go a little bit down. So, halfway is big. That's 2. Here we go, 3, 2 more like that, 4, and 5 bring it up one more time, and now they're just tiny little pulses, up, 2, 3, 4, 5. Give one good squeeze of the arms and then carry the arms forward. You're gonna do the whole thing again, but with a slight change. Carry the arms slightly in front and flip the grip, so turn the weights up. The heads of the weight will face up and we're gonna take the whole thing again. Start to the back, carry the arms behind you and right to the hips behind you, and right to the hips. This is number 3, still wanna hold your stomach in the whole time, and 4, and down, take your fifth one and down, and now we do half as big. So up, put just a little down and 2 and down, keep going, this is 3 and down, lift, 5 and down, tall posture, 5 and down, and 5 tiny pulses and 2, and 3, and 4, 5. You give a good squeeze of the arms. Here comes our last set. Carry the arms forward and flip the grip again. Now, the palms face up. Turn your weights and bring the arms back. Here is your final set. Five big ones to the hips and back, to the hips and back and down, lift up, last one and bring it up, hold with you half as big, 1 and 2, lift, 3, keep squeezing the shoulders, and hold. Last 5 tiny pulses, uh 2, 3, 4, hold should be a good burn at this point and bring the arms down and rest. So, we started with 5 pulses for each variation, but you eventually want to work up to 12 pulses so that one set would be 36 reps and that'll really get the triceps.