and Slide

Lunge and Slide

The Lunge and Slide exercise works your shoulders, abs, butt, and legs.

-We'd like to share you the slide reach. So, Julia, you're gonna stand with one heel into the other arch. We're gonna take a full lunge. I want you to really fall out and your eye should be a little bit downward. When you come back, drag the leg in very close and use the weight to help you. Okay? I'll count for you. Fall out. And now, drag back. Good. Use some resistance. Fall out, and then drag back. Use your stomach when you're doing this and reach out. Squeeze back. The quicker you can straighten the front leg, the better. Fall out. We're gonna go all the way up to 8 for this. This is number 5, and squeeze back. Try to keep the front heel on the ground, and pull, and we've got 2 more. Fall out. Beautiful. Squeeze back, and last one, nice and high. And then, pull back. Stand tall. And, we're gonna go to the other side, so just step over. Make sure your heel is right into the arch of the other foot, both arms, shoulders facing forward. Big fall all the way out and squeeze back. Very good. All the way. Fall out. Nice high arms and pull back. Fall out. And make sure your eyes are glancing downward. Pull Back, and number 4. Take it out. Squeeze back. Try to keep the ribs in a little bit when you're doing this. Number 5, and pull, and big lunge, 6, and squeeze back. Last 2, all the way out, and pull. And, final one. Big fall. Squeeze all the way back. Hold it. Stand tall. And, you're gonna repeat this once more to the right and the left, but we're gonna let Julia take a rest.