Bridge Lift

The Bridge Lift exercise works your abs and butt.

-We're gonna show you the bridge lift now and it's a little variation. It's actually a sequence that you can do that progresses. So, you're gonna start by bridging up with the hips. Keep your arms strong, your shoulders back; and in a perfect world, you'll stay here for 30 seconds. If you can start with 10, that's fantastic. When that's done, you're gonna take 1 leg up, reach it to the ceiling. I'd love to see this position held for another 10 and then from there, we're gonna lower and lift the hips 5 times. Down - up on 1. Down - up on 2. Keep the bottom foot strong. Keep going. That's 3. We take 2 more. And lift, last one, and we're just gonna change position, crossing this leg over the other leg. You wanna keep the hips high and the legs tightly crossed so no daylight between them and we'll do 5 more reps. Here we go. Down - up 1. Bring the whole back. Down and up 2, all the way to touch the ground. Down - up 3. Perfect. Down - up on 4. And the last one for the big finish, come on up, hold it, and then you can uncross the leg, lower your hip, and roll all the way down. We started with 5 repetitions today, but it's great if you can work up to 12 and don't forget to do the other leg.