Cancan Cross

The Cancan Cross exercise works your abs, obliques and legs.

-We're gonna take you through the Can-Can now. You're gonna strengthen your waist. I want you to move your legs fluidly and you're gonna kick over your shoulders so that we really get the deep core abdominals here, so we're gonna start by twisting the legs to the right, and then the left, and then the right, and kick back to me, and bring them back down, and let's take your tempo up. Other side. Left, and right, and left, and kick, and bend. Repeat. Over, and two, and three. Kick and bend. And as you get stronger, you can go a little faster. Twist, and twist, and twist. This is our fourth one. We'll go for two more. To the right. To the left. Keep the chest up. To the right. Kick and bend. And last, one left and right; really twist the waist. Kick, and bend, and relax. We can work this exercise also all the way up to 12 reps. We're here today. Six is a good place to start.