Boot Camp Nutrition Tips

Bridal Boot Camp Nutrition Tips

Get nutrition tips to help you start and stay on a diet plan to shape up for your wedding.

-Hi! I'm Nadeen Boman, nutrition coach from Bulging Brides. Welcome to FITNESS magazine's Bridal Boot Camp. I'm gonna give you some nutrition tips on how to get fit for your wedding. You're getting married. You're starting a nutrition plan. How do you get rid of all the junk out of your fridge and cupboards? Here's what you do. Take all of your junk food. Everything that you know is bad for you---- chips, cake, candy, chocolate, deep-fried foods. Get it all onto your counter. Keep only 20%---- your very favorite---- and trash the other 80. That's the 80/20 rule. You're keeping 20% and use it in moderation. The rest of it has to go. Skipping breakfast is a recipe for disaster. You're gonna be starving later which means you're likely to overeat. Start your day off with a smoothie. It's easy and quick, and it'll give you the nutrients you need to have energy throughout the day. All you need is some berries, protein powder, and soy milk, and you're ready to go. When you're trying to lose weight for your wedding, you need the support of your friends and family. If you tell them what you need in terms of, you know, I wanna try to eat healthy, I wanna exercise---- at least they know and they can try and make the right decisions. Maybe they'll invite you for a walk instead of out for some beers. When you fall off the wagon, don't beat yourself up because, you know what, one mistake isn't gonna stop you from getting into that dress. Just get back on and keep going. How do you stick to your diet at the pre-wedding cocktail party? Go for the one-plate rule. You're only gonna fill your plate up once and it's gonna be with healthy foods. No puff pastries. No deep-fried food. No pizzas. Stick to vegetables, lean meats, and one ounce of skim cheese. Don't go back for seconds. When your guests bring cakes and pastries to pre-wedding events like showers, let them take the leftovers home. You don't want a leftover cake in your fridge. You don't need the temptation staring you in the face.