Boot Camp Workout

Bridal Boot Camp Workout

Look sexy in your wedding dress. Score strapless-worthy shoulders, toned arms, abs and back with these exercises. You'll need a set of five-15 pound dumbbells.

-Hi, I'm Tommy Europe, host and fitness coach of Bulging Brides. Ladies, get ready. I've designed a great bridal boot camp for FITNESS Magazine. Let's get started. We have a One-Arm Row with a Triceps Extension: Great for the lats, great for your triceps. It can work your legs, too. So, Hedy, assume the position please, then over a bit more at the waist. Good. Now, row so that elbow comes up, and now, extend that arm. Good. Perfect. Now, to make it a little bit harder, take that hand out of the way. Good. That way, you're gonna get a great triceps extension, great row, which is great for the lats. Leg is working as well. Keep your weight on your front heel. One more, Hedy! Perfect. We have a Dumbbell Woodchopper. You're gonna be going from low to high. So when you go low, you're gonna be squatting. When you go high, you're gonna end up on your toe to release your heel, keep the weight going up. Here we go; great for exercise. Keep your arms straight. Really think of using the core. Good. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breath out. Now, I want you to go faster. Good. Big swing, good, perfect! One more, nice! Static One-Arm Biceps Curl. So, Hedy, you're gonna go up on one leg. Keep it at 90 degrees. At the same time, you're gonna hold this right here. Now, you're gonna be curling with your hand coming all the way up. Now very important: When you're on one leg, keep your weight on your heel. That way, you're gonna work your glute medius, which is the side of your butt. At the same time, you're getting a static contraction with one biceps, and you're getting an active one with the other one. How's that feeling? Good? -Pretty good. -It's gonna look good in that dress, right? -Right. -That's the bottom line. Bonus effect: Work in the core. You're on one leg, it's gonna hold your balance. Everything is working. Multijoint exercise; look great in that dress. We have a Russian Twist: Great core exercise, really works the obliques. You gotta fit in to that dress? This is the exercise for you. Feet up off the ground, arms are straight. You're gonna twist and touch down from side to side. Good. Good. Ensure that you're breathing all the time. Do not round your back. Engage that core. Good! Prefect, Hedy! And good! Like those ones? -They're very nice. -Alright! There's your Russian Twist. We have a Hip Raise next: Great for the glute medius, main stabilizing muscle in your leg. It's gonna make your booty look fantastic. Here you go, Hedy. You're gonna be on your hands, leg right out to the side. So, lift your leg up as high as you can and then back down. Don't let it touch the ground. Good, all the way up. Now, you're probably gonna feel it on the opposite hip as well because it's stabilizing your weight; up as high as you can. Good! Okay, 5 more. Two, three, four, and perfect! We have a Single Leg Deadlift: Great for the glutes, great for the hamstrings, great for the core. One leg, keep your weight on your heel. Going down slow, and up slow. Good. Nice! Nice and straight, keep the core engaged. Good. Come up slow. Nice work! That's your Single Leg Deadlift. We have a Lunge Shoulder Press. You're gonna be working shoulders, working your arms, working your core, and working your legs. Weights up and never drop below your shoulders. You're gonna step out into a lunge. Now, very important: On your lunge, make sure your weight is balanced on front heel. You're gonna be on your front heel and your back toe. Perfect! Good! Again, you don't wanna push forward. You just wanna go straight down and straight up. Looking like champ, Hedy! Nice work! Next, we have a Burpee. That's right, I said it: Burpee. Great exercise, it's full body, you don't need a lot of room. Here we go. Add a push-up in there, too, please. Thank you. Make sure your back does not sink. Good, Hedy! How does that feel? -It feels great! -Alright! I think you've passed bridal bootcamp.