Butt Workout

Bootylicious Butt Workout

Firm and lift your butt in just 15 minutes with these toning exercises.

-Bootylicious. Single Sky Bridge: Start by lifting your right leg straight up towards the ceiling and keep it that way for the entirety of the set. You're going to press your hips up off the floor so that your body forms a straight line from your left shoulder to your left heel. Do 20 reps then switch legs and repeat. Tree Twist: Stay on your toes for this entire set and try to keep your right heel close to the left knee as you rotate your right knee out to the side and then back to the center. You're going to do 10 reps then switch sides and repeat. Step-Up, Kick-Back: March up and then lunge back, to complete 1 repetition. More advanced exercisers can add a kick-back at the top of the move, so when the left knee is at hip-height, you just wanna press the heel backward and bring the knee back in front to hip-height again before doing your rep. You'll do 10 reps just like this then switch sides and repeat. Squat Dip: The trick to this move is standing far enough in front of the chair, so that your left knee does not shoot past your toes as you dip down. Do 15 reps with this leg then switch sides and repeat. Sky Squat: For this move, arms are straight out in front as you squat and straight overhead as you rise up onto your toes. Try to squat slowly on a count of 4 and then burst up. You're going to do 15 reps just like this.