Sumo Squat

Wide Sumo Squat

Firm your legs and butt with this wide-stance squat.

-Wide Sumo Squat: Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, and your feet turned out. Interlace your fingers and put your hands on your belly. Beginning with soft knees, come into a deep squat with your knees pressing out. Hold here and squeeze through your glutes back up to the start. Do this deep squat ten times. Be sure to keep your knees tracked over your toes and your chest lifted. The second time you do this exercise, place your hands behind your head instead of on your belly for ten reps. The third time you do this exercise, extend your arms overhead in a V shape, keeping your elbows slightly bent. Do this wide sumo squat for ten reps. This move works your legs and your butt.