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The Healthy Food Awards

The best of the best! The complete collection of our annual picks for the most delicious health foods on the planet.

Doing your workout first thing might mean skipping a step or two in your busy a.m. routine, but breakfast shouldn't be one of them.

Nonni's Double Chocolate Salted Caramel Biscotti Bites

You shouldn't feel guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth, but that doesn't mean anything goes.

You worked up a sweat, now chow down. Fueling up within 30 minutes of finishing a workout can keep you from crashing and prevent pig-outs.

Heading to the gym on empty? Better fill your tank: Snacking about an hour before a sweat session lets you work out longer and harder.

Chocolate instead of vanilla. Kimmel over Fallon. Shaken, not stirred. Chances are, you feel pretty strongly about most choices in life.

Some treats cram in more calories than a stick of butter, but that's not the way all cookies have to crumble.

If you're going to drink your calories, make them count with good-for-you juices that taste great — we found eight!

If your morning meal can be best described as "Pour, eat, repeat," it's time to shake up your wake-up.

Soup seems virtuous enough; after all, an entire diet was built around the cabbage kind.

Greek yogurts that are nutritionist- and editor-approved.

The next time you crave something salty, veto the vending machine and reach for one of these "they taste too good to be good for you" snacks instead.

Creamy desserts so delicious, you'd never know they're low-calorie and diet-friendly.

Craving an energy boost? We ate our way through dozens of contenders to bring you the best.

The healthiest sweet snacks from the grocery store, tasted and approved by editors and nutritionists.

When the munchies strike, dig in to one of these best bites. We worked with top nutritionists to find hundreds of sweet, salty, and savory treats that are low in calories and fat.

The healthiest crunchy snacks from your grocery store, tasted and approved by editors and nutritionists.

The healthiest desserts from your grocery store's freezer, tasted and approved by editors and nutritionists.