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A Better Brew: The FITNESS Light Beer Taste Test

We gathered our editors and 10 low-cal beers for a blind taste test. Find out which low-calorie brews we prefer -- and tell us your light beer of choice!

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Bud Light Beer
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Our Light Beer Winner

Bud Light (110 calories)

This all-American classic beat out every other bottle with a smooth crispness. Fashion assistant Melissa summed it up perfectly: "It's what a beer should taste like."

Do you agree? Post your own review in the comments section below.

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First Runner-Up

Sam Adams Light (119 calories)

We loved the nutty, complex flavor. Nutrition editor Sara was thrilled to find a beer that's light on calories but heavy on hops.

Do you agree? Post your own review in the comments section below.

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Second Runner-Up

Coors Light (102 calories)

It's sweet, with a hint of apple. "Fizzy and refreshing," says intern Danielle. Perfect for a hot day.

Do you agree? Post your own review in the comments section below.

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Light Beer Contenders: Beck's Light

Beck's Light (64 calories)

This light beer didn't make our top 3 picks. What do you think? Post your own review in the comments section below.

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Light Beer Contender: Corona Light

Corona Light (105 calories)

Tell us what you think about Corona Light in the comments section below.

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Light Beer Contender: Heineken Light

Heineken Light (99 calories)

Tell us what you think about Heineken Light in the comments section below.

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Light Beer Contender: Miller Lite

Miller Lite (96 calories)

Tell us what you think about Miller Lite in the comments section below.

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Light Beer Contender: MGD 64

MGD 64 (64 calories)

Tell us what you think about MGD 64 in the comments section below.

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Light Beer Contender: Bud Select

Bud Select (99 calories)

Tell us what you think about Bud Select in the comments section below.

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Light Beer Contender: Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra (95 calories)

Tell us what you think about Michelob Ultra in the comments section below.

Originally published on, September 2009.

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sarahlentz65157 wrote:

If I'm gonna have a beer, I want it to taste good. And I like a full-bodied beer. As far as I've been able to tell, such a beer doesn't come in either "light" or "3.2". I love Guinness, other good darks, and good IPAs. I'm not wasting money on "diet beer."

7/18/2014 10:10:17 AM Report Abuse
m.kelleterstamos wrote:

You have got to be kidding me that Bud Light is your #1 light beer and Amstel Light didn't even make the list. Can you even classify Bud Light as beer?

6/20/2014 10:37:47 AM Report Abuse
robert_cacchiola wrote:

My favorite is 55 make by Bud,55 calories,I think its only 2 1/2 % alcohol

6/24/2013 11:41:39 AM Report Abuse
tmuma5 wrote:

It's always been my favorite! So happy to see it on the list!

3/19/2012 11:41:22 AM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

lite beer recipe......drink regular beer.....urinate back into bottle....

3/17/2012 06:04:57 PM Report Abuse
islegirl74 wrote:

Why drink watered down beer when you can enjoy REAL beer, Guinness has only 95 calories, if it is too dark and yeasty for you try Harps. Many regular beers and micro brews have the same calories or less as the lite beers! You find they have more flavor, you drink less and you are not running to the Ladies room every 15-20 minutes.

3/17/2012 10:45:05 AM Report Abuse
driscollsrock1 wrote:

I have always loved bud light

3/17/2012 09:44:13 AM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

This is this best light beer yet.I won't drink anything else. It doesn't leave you feeling heavy and blotted. Thanks Budweiser.

2/18/2012 10:56:03 AM Report Abuse
jtowen wrote:

Amstel Light, Rolling Rock Light have my votes!

10/18/2011 10:31:13 AM Report Abuse
rcohn95038 wrote:

You mght as well drink a Perrier, if you like light beer, it is flavorless brew.

9/29/2011 02:36:07 PM Report Abuse
medical3 wrote:

What about Keystone Light Beer?

9/29/2011 12:03:45 PM Report Abuse
lauraota wrote:

What a beer should taste like? No no. This is THE beer for drinking games, but not a good* beer.

9/29/2011 11:50:58 AM Report Abuse
emilyrose32 wrote:


9/29/2011 09:52:53 AM Report Abuse
margaret506 wrote:

If I have to drink a light beer it will have to be Miller lite hands down. I like beers and have been drinking Miller lite for years!!!

9/29/2011 09:51:06 AM Report Abuse
a4295838 wrote:

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9/17/2011 03:19:38 AM Report Abuse
nurtlh wrote:

Bud Light for me too!!

8/18/2011 11:12:55 AM Report Abuse
countthechads wrote:

I wonder if they tested just plain old water against these beers. My tap water has more flavor than they do. They should have also tasted Guinness. Believe it or not it has less calories than many of these 'light' beers with more flavor.

7/16/2011 06:52:41 AM Report Abuse
joyce1728 wrote:

yea you are right bud light is the best I have been drinking this beer for years. It is #1 in my eye sight I drink them after a days work to relax my mind. ( babygirl0)

7/15/2011 07:40:06 PM Report Abuse
lins21lins wrote:

If bud light is number one, i would hate to see the others. This taste like water. no flavor

7/2/2011 02:38:05 PM Report Abuse
noe7 wrote:

Didn't feel the need to look at the article any further upon seeing a bottle of BUD-blech Light.

6/30/2011 12:22:16 PM Report Abuse
lovetinsky.aj wrote:

Definitely lose weight drinking this. You will be in the bathroom all next day. Try an Old Style Light, they went back to making it the old fashioned way (hence costs more) and it got rid of that nasty funk taste it used to have.

6/30/2011 11:02:51 AM Report Abuse
meredith.ramsey wrote:

This is not at all what beer should taste like. Just lost all respect for this site.

6/30/2011 10:07:27 AM Report Abuse
ekorness wrote:

Mmmm... sounds refreshing. Maybe I'll go have one. :)

3/26/2011 03:51:10 PM Report Abuse
SAlverson wrote:

If I drink this is what I prefer; Bud Light.

3/18/2011 08:57:10 PM Report Abuse
aastle2 wrote:

Are you kidding me?! This embarrassing! Bud Light tastes like watered down horse pee, this is awful, whoever wrote this clearly has no idea what beer is supposed to taste like. Try a beer that actually has flavor, unless you're a wuss and enjoy bland, flavorless garbage. PS Guiness has less calories than Bud Light, start there...

3/18/2011 03:33:10 PM Report Abuse
daynacjames wrote:

can you have a dumber article? Why not make a table showing ranking, calories, maybe some other factors? This is the most stupid list I've ever seen!

3/18/2011 10:09:32 AM Report Abuse
shamelanson wrote:

Bud Light has more calories and less alcohol than most light beers BOOOO BOOO BOOO for this one! Bad research!

3/18/2011 08:02:50 AM Report Abuse
allkindsofgood1 wrote:

Bud Light?! "It's what a beer should taste like" ? Nuts! Bud Beers have SO MANY additives that they technically are not even considered beer! If you want real beer taste...go for a nice IPA, Bock, Heffe-Wiessen, Lager or Pilsner. I would have to say that my favorite beer is currently Stella Artois! Now THAT is what Beer should taste like! :)

3/17/2011 09:41:14 PM Report Abuse
blondecavwife wrote:

No, No, No, No! You cannot judge beer based on calories- there is no standard for what constitutes "LIGHT" in the beer industry. Just drink a beer and enjoy it. It's better to have one really good Guinness than 4 Bud Lites!

3/17/2011 02:57:51 PM Report Abuse
mswolfram wrote:

Glad to see this is #1 - the #1 beer in my heart!!

3/17/2011 02:31:28 PM Report Abuse
cjpsy98 wrote:

Ok, so this is great for people who drink pilsners, but what about us true beer lovers? We drink beer with flavor; ambers, browns, wheat beers, stouts, porters. I'd like to see a true beer review that does not review selections that are pretty close to water from the start.

3/17/2011 01:34:26 PM Report Abuse
k.provence wrote:

I absolutely <3 Love <3 Love <3 Budlight!! Best light beer EVER!!!

3/17/2011 12:23:58 PM Report Abuse
b.cardone wrote:

Seriously? Bud is the nastiest beer on the planet. And there are plenty of light beers with less calories (that don't taste like butt.)

3/17/2011 11:15:50 AM Report Abuse
warrejd1 wrote:

Try Shiner lite

3/17/2011 10:41:32 AM Report Abuse
barbm32 wrote:

Best light beer in the country.

3/17/2011 10:15:54 AM Report Abuse
jbizzell3 wrote:

It does not taste like water because water does not have that "I just threw up in my mouth" after taste. MILLER LITE #1

3/17/2011 10:13:53 AM Report Abuse
jsantopetro wrote:

used to drink bud light all the time. made the switch to miller lite. less calories and has a better taste. obviously bud light paid to be number one. i don't know anyone who chooses to drink bud light anymore.

3/17/2011 10:10:34 AM Report Abuse
limam11 wrote:


3/17/2011 10:05:22 AM Report Abuse
lablover0926 wrote:

Totally agree! Being a budlight girl...its all I drink! Do love budlight lime too!

3/17/2011 10:03:22 AM Report Abuse
sarahgraffin1 wrote:

Bud Light is my least favorite light beer. Give me a Miller Lite any day. Actually, the bloody mary mentioned above sounds really good too!

2/4/2011 06:51:42 AM Report Abuse
judithlovell42 wrote:

oh heck grab a vodka. Make a bloody mary. you get a salad to boot.

2/3/2011 12:26:24 PM Report Abuse
dametzers wrote:

I love Dark Beers and I think Bud Light taste like water. The only light beer that I really like is Bud Light Lime, but I still rather have my dark beer.

12/23/2010 01:22:49 PM Report Abuse
maga5656 wrote:

Becks ( 64 calories ) miller 64

12/6/2010 04:02:53 PM Report Abuse
maga5656 wrote:

Beck's 64 calories best flavor, and Miller 64 if you are watching ur weight !!

12/6/2010 04:01:57 PM Report Abuse
krismonger wrote:

I believe that Bud Select has 90 calories and is a low carb beer. They also have a Bud Select 55; however the alcohol content is less that 2.9%. I think it tastes like water.

9/27/2010 12:14:11 PM Report Abuse
willowwhisp wrote:

*DISAGREE* I believe Michelob Ultra is the biggest bang for your buck... highest alcohol, lowest calories, and best flavor.

9/16/2010 02:32:54 PM Report Abuse
arisisgood wrote:

If I want to watch my calories, I buy prefer guiness irish beer, believe it or not it does not have many calories.

8/26/2010 03:15:55 PM Report Abuse
crt_329 wrote:

This is a hit at our BBQ's, Everyone will be glad to hear this

7/13/2010 04:32:08 PM Report Abuse
dns97 wrote:

Ther is Beck Beer which only has 64 calories and even tastes better than other light beers and then there is Michelob Ultra , great beer taste better than BUD and has only 94 calories

6/12/2010 07:56:17 AM Report Abuse
dns97 wrote:

Beck Beer has 64 and Michelob Ultra has 94

6/12/2010 07:55:09 AM Report Abuse
gogi4 wrote:

What about corona light or Amstel light?

6/10/2010 10:17:26 PM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

Bud Light, Adam Sandler, Jarod from Subway, Subway, Adam Lambert...........the world's gone gay

6/10/2010 02:55:52 PM Report Abuse
nicole.borngrebe wrote:

The worst American brewed beer.

6/10/2010 11:43:27 AM Report Abuse
carmines1nonly wrote:

Love budlight glad to know I'm drinking the best light beer

6/10/2010 10:58:09 AM Report Abuse
Cheri. wrote:

Horrible after taste!

6/10/2010 10:30:28 AM Report Abuse
pushbuttonkitty wrote:

honestly, i can't stomach bud or bud light. if i want a beer, which isn't often because most beer sits too heavy in my tummy, i grab a corona light, a wedge of lime, and a bit of salt and it does me perfectly!

5/28/2010 04:43:39 PM Report Abuse
mongiesmom wrote:

No bud light for me. I'd rather drink water. I would rather have 1 really good beer like Sam's summer ale or shock top. Local Switchback on tap is the best in VT.

5/8/2010 11:01:15 AM Report Abuse wrote:

Miller Lite or bust!

4/30/2010 08:30:45 AM Report Abuse
mreagan3 wrote:

Bud Light - Seriously?

4/29/2010 04:40:08 PM Report Abuse
maryalexander3 wrote:

I would way rather have 1 good beer like Lagunitas IPA at 175 calories than any of these imposters. So that 65 calories. I just run or walk 1 more mile. Worth it!!!

4/29/2010 03:17:58 PM Report Abuse
normy196402 wrote:

Bud gives me a headache. I would rather drink Miller Lite or Amstel Light. Amstel Light taste better. But if I am going to be bad, for the 50 to 80 extra calories I would rather have a regular beer and have just one.

4/29/2010 02:41:21 PM Report Abuse
kurt.nicholson wrote:

if you think bud light is how beer should taste like, you dont know beer

4/29/2010 01:56:23 PM Report Abuse
weaver20061 wrote:

I'm in love with the Miller 64oz. And I know of two people who have switched to it also.

4/29/2010 12:29:24 PM Report Abuse
jsable77 wrote:

bud light girl!

4/29/2010 10:17:12 AM Report Abuse
melissabiggus wrote:

i well try that this weekend

3/16/2010 12:42:10 PM Report Abuse
beth_cargile wrote:

Bud Light is really the best, it has a clean crisp taste.

2/14/2010 06:52:41 PM Report Abuse
laurenglunk wrote:

I don't drink beer very often and when I do I will Def choice a micro over any of these.

2/4/2010 07:40:30 PM Report Abuse
ramirezfamhottie wrote:

I agree with budlite w/ lime - that taste much better

2/4/2010 01:55:26 PM Report Abuse
jillenslow wrote:

i prefer bud light lime or bud light golden harvest

2/4/2010 11:35:36 AM Report Abuse
JamiGirl84 wrote:

Bud Light is my only option if I'm watching calories. Every other "light/lite" beer doesn't even taste like beer. Of course, I like darker beers and going "light" means having a Budweiser.

2/4/2010 11:03:40 AM Report Abuse
jwucki2 wrote:

Yuck - no way is Bud Light #1. I stick to Miller Lite or 64... less calories, better taste, and they are made with a complex carb (corn) rather than a simple carb like rice in Bud products.

2/4/2010 10:59:00 AM Report Abuse
mreagan3 wrote:

You're kidding when you say Bud Light is your pick? Doesn't even deserve to be called a beer.

2/4/2010 10:57:20 AM Report Abuse
drtietjens298792 wrote:

UR making me thirsty!! I was a little disappointed Natural Light was not in contention. If I can't have Natural Light I'll settle for Bud Light. I need to try Miller Light.

2/4/2010 10:53:41 AM Report Abuse
marniesummers wrote:

I love samuel adams light! Awesome taste. All bud products give me a headache.The other choices I like are miller light and Corona light.

2/1/2010 09:07:45 PM Report Abuse
zerb2b wrote:

not surprised at 2nd choice, I prefer Michelob Ultra'a taste

12/31/2009 03:44:50 PM Report Abuse
sandy_sparr wrote:

If you are really looking for a good tasting low calorie light beer try MGD 64, it not only taste good but it only has 64 calories.

12/31/2009 10:35:57 AM Report Abuse
t_palomarez33 wrote:

Only thing I drink!

11/3/2009 12:16:20 AM Report Abuse
rodeo_whitney wrote:

Not surprised to see this as first place, usually 8 out of 10 times this beer is ordered more than most. Coincidence? I think not.

10/24/2009 02:33:23 PM Report Abuse
thyme4ma wrote:

Tastes like watered down beer.

10/24/2009 01:53:12 PM Report Abuse
munncar wrote:

Love bud light lime.bud light is my second fav

10/24/2009 09:56:07 AM Report Abuse
djdowning54634 wrote:

I like Bud Light but I think my all time favorite is bud Light Lime. It is very refreshing! J from WI

10/24/2009 06:08:28 AM Report Abuse
cindy1223078 wrote:

My favorite!!

10/24/2009 12:42:48 AM Report Abuse
shawnab8564290 wrote:

This has been my beer of choice when I want a beer, although I must confess since Bud Light Lime came out I do get that one for a refreshing change.

10/23/2009 07:21:58 PM Report Abuse
dave-mo wrote:

This is probably one of my least favorite light beers and it is the only light beer that gives my husband really bad gas.

10/23/2009 05:29:21 PM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

I am also amazed it was picked this high. Okay beer, but definately not the best.

10/23/2009 04:25:37 PM Report Abuse
azgirl2003 wrote:

Really? Of all the beers out there especially now since so many are light and refreshing and you choose bud light? Really?

10/23/2009 03:08:05 PM Report Abuse
claudia_joliz wrote:

Luv this one! The only one I drink when I'm watching my weight.

10/23/2009 11:09:16 AM Report Abuse
pan342 wrote:

What happened to Amstel Light???

10/23/2009 10:59:49 AM Report Abuse
a-mtripp wrote:

My all time favorite

10/23/2009 09:38:33 AM Report Abuse
kathyrose21 wrote:

I agree that it has a real crisp taste, definately my favorite!

10/23/2009 09:12:26 AM Report Abuse
GGCS4 wrote:

It's the only thing I drink:)

10/23/2009 02:51:25 AM Report Abuse

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