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Healthy Eating

Good-for-you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas, plus low-calorie recipe makeovers, grocery shopping tips, and expert diet advice.
11 hours ago
You know you need to eat your broccoli. It's rich in phenolics—antioxidants that are linked to a lower risk of cancer and diabetes—and fiber. Make this leafy green your new favorite vegetable with these mouthwatering, dietitian-approved broccoli recipes. More
12 hours ago
Give your coworkers lunch envy with this gorgeous, easy-to-make black rice sushi recipe. More
16 hours ago
Summer is finally here, which means rising temperatures and even sweatier workouts. Make sure you incorporate these foods into your pre-workout routine to keep you performing at your best. More
18 hours ago
Stock up on antioxidant-rich papaya, mango, and pineapple for these creative recipes. More

Spice Up Your Chicken Breasts

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1 day ago
The crowd favorite of appetizers doesn't have to be a nutrition fail. Try these RD approved recipes for healthy bruschetta and crostini. More
1 day ago
These sweet and low-calorie infusions will trump any store-bought options. More
1 day ago
These indulgent smoothies may taste like your favorite desserts, but they're actually good for you! We rounded up 16 healthy smoothie recipes—chock-full of superfoods, vitamins, and nourishing ingredients that'll leave you bursting with energy and ready to tackle the day. More
4 days ago
This quintessential summertime treat got a healthy remix with these genius recipes that take something good—smoothies—and turn them into something better—yummy ice pops. More
5 days ago
Get your spoons ready for jars of creamy chocolate brownie heaven, rich banana caramel parfaits, and summery key lime chia pudding. Best of all? They're vegan! These healthier versions of classic pudding and parfait recipes will give your sweet tooth what it's begging for—without the guilt. More
5 days ago
We love ginger for its antioxidant boost and its use in reducing inflammation, nausea, and muscle soreness. But aside from its medicinal properties, ginger also gives low-cal fiery flavor to any dish. Add a little extra heat to your summer menu with these 13 spicy ginger recipes. More
5 days ago
Looking for a lighter and healthier taco recipe? Look no further. We've rounded up some of the most delicious veggie tacos that'll fill you up without filling your waistline out. More
5 days ago
You've probably never thought about doing anything with the liquid from a can of chickpeas, other than drain it off. Enter aquafaba recipes. More

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