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Hot Stuff! How Healthy Is Your Sex Life?


    Shy? Not you!

    43 percent of women have talked dirty on the phone.

    39 percent have had sex in a public place.

    26 percent have flirted with a former flame on Facebook.

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  • Dorian Caster

    Who's First?

    Almost 1 in 2 women initiates sex as frequently as her partner does.

  • Laura Doss

    On Time

    39 minutes vs. 45 minutes

    The length of the average lovemaking session depends on who's counting. Guess who says it lasts a full three-quarters of an hour? Yep, he does.

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    Turn Ons

    Dinner + wine = the two best aphrodisiacs, women and men agree.

  • iStockPhoto

    Three Words

    The words that make a woman feel sexiest: "I love you."

  • On a Weekly Basis

    69: Percentage of women who say they make love 1 to 3 times a week.

  • Dorian Caster

    Free Time

    If they had an extra hour in the day, 24 percent of women — and 46 percent of men — say they would spend it having sex.

  • Stockbyte/Veer

    Body Confidence

    1 in 2 women would feel sexier if her body were more toned.

    Just as many think losing 10 pounds would do the trick.

  • Laura Doss

    Wanting More

    Half of all women want sex more often.

    (Are you listening, guys?)

  • Peter Ardito

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