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The Naked Truth: Women's Body Confidence Secrets

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    Tone That Trouble Zone

    Your thighs are your least favorite body part.

    Get yours in shape with our "Defying Gravity" workout


    In the Buff

    59: Percentage of women who walk around the house naked

    9: Percentage of women who walk around the locker room naked

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    Mirror, Mirror

    What do you think when you look at yourself naked?

    29 percent: "I wish I were more toned and less jiggly."

    28 percent: "I look fat."

    24 percent: "I'm not perfect, but I look pretty good."

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    A Little Imagination Is a Good Thing

    That's probably why you feel sexier wearing lingerie than being completely naked.

    P.S. Fifty-three percent of the guys we asked think so, too.


    Adventure Lovers

    15 percent of you have posed for a naked photo.

    12 percent have "sexted" someone a naked photo of yourself.

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    Under Cover

    Sure, you would go to a nude beach. But only if it were the dead of night and no one could see you, say more than a third of women.

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    What a Turn-On

    Two-thirds of you like to have sex with the lights bright.

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    Show It Off!

    Your cleavage is the body part you're most likely to flaunt, followed by your butt.

    Only 1 percent of women say they would dare to bare their abs.

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    Get Dressed!

    The celeb who shows too much skin? Rihanna, say almost half of you.

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