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The New Kelly Ripa

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Why Health Is a Priority

Do you have any fears about your health?

KR: I used to smoke, so lung cancer is the thing that keeps me awake at night. I worry, Did I quit in enough time? Did I do it for too long? It's one of those things where I think, Boy, what a foolish thing I did. I'm not from the generation where you can go, "Oh, I didn't know it was bad for me." No. Everybody knew it was bad.

Have you also changed your eating habits?

KR: We've always been healthy eaters, mostly to keep our cholesterol levels down. There's diabetes on Mark's side of the family and my father had heart surgery, so we're conscious on a level that we probably wouldn't ordinarily be. It was my father having heart surgery 10 years ago that convinced me to get my cholesterol checked. I found out my number was 151, and the doctors told me, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it, because your cholesterol is low." That encouraged me to stay with a healthy diet, continue eating leafy greens, and try to cut back on saturated fat. Because it's better to maintain what's good now than try to fix what's gone wrong later.

Is that how you got involved with the American Heart Association?

KR: Yes, and Regis's heart scare was a reminder to stay on top of the issue. As women, we're more interested in stuff that affects us immediately rather than thinking long-term. I also support the HEART for Women Act, which asks the government for funding for women and heart disease awareness. [Go to for more info.] I think one of the biggest contributors to heart disease is portion size -- Americans don't know what a healthy portion looks like. We had a nutrition expert on our show, and she showed us portions of fish, chicken, and meat. You think, If someone brought that to me at a restaurant, I'd send it back and say where's the rest of it? We are definitely overfed.

What does your husband say about your new fitness kick?

KR: The great thing about Mark is that he's so encouraging. When I was pregnant with my first son and I gained 68 pounds, Mark made me feel like the Queen of Sheba every day -- "You're so beautiful, you're so gorgeous." It's nice to have a partner who notices things like, "Wow, that was impressive, you ran down to the water and back and you shaved four minutes off your time." At this point, we've been married too long for him to say, "Oh, you look so hot in that!"

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debgammell wrote:

i want to get your arms please do tell how?

9/8/2013 06:14:09 AM Report Abuse
gazamatic wrote:

Her HUGE BOOBS are distracting...She needs a reduction.

9/4/2013 09:22:25 PM Report Abuse
bodean0269 wrote:

Kelly is HOT!! I dont just mean her looks either her attitude and they way she treats other people is awsome!! I liked watching her on Live when I wasnt working but some XXX at CBS who does the programing here in Oklahoma decided it would be beter to have a proud HOMOSEXUAL talk about home decore!!! I miss you Kelly!!!

4/9/2011 01:04:24 AM Report Abuse
lewis196149 wrote:

Kelly I wish was not real poor to help myself to A better lift . People just dont understand to be drit poor you work fast food and get fat , and old . What to do ? Need help please Nancy Lewis

12/8/2010 05:27:25 PM Report Abuse
anonymous wrote:

Hi Kelly,you look fit and wonderful.I'm 48 and love watching u and Regis(I've been watching forYEARS) Nothing agaist KathyLee,but lets just say I watch it alot more then I used to.Happy Holidays,Lyndley Gillick

12/8/2010 02:14:31 PM Report Abuse

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