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Find Your Backbone and Survive Tough Times

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How Resilient Are You?

Answer these two questions:
1. How well are you able to adapt to change?
2. How easily do you bounce back after a hardship (for example, illness)?

Research shows that the more confidence you have in both of these abilities, the more resilient you are. Not so much? Don't worry: Follow the advice in the article and before long, you'll be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Soldier On, Sister!

We got the U.S. Army to reveal their three top brain boot camp exercises. Do them daily to boost your resilience.

Battle your own worst enemy. Your guy hasn't answered your texts all day. Stop imagining worst-case scenarios (He's leaving me!) by forcing yourself to come up with an equally absurd best-case scenario (He won the Powerball, quit his job, and is waiting to surprise me with a surf vacay in Bali!). Now that you've moved your brain out of a place of negativity, settle on a realistic explanation that's somewhere in the middle.

Hunt the good stuff. Say you're ruminating about a near fender bender in the parking lot and being stood up by your BFF for a shopping date. Turn around your day from hell by reflecting on three things that went right: You conserved cash; your daughter crowned you Best Mommy in the World before she got on the bus; you remembered to reserve a spot in the happy hour hot yoga class. Research shows that this kind of mental maneuvering can put you in a positive place.

Detonate icebergs. "Icebergs" are your deeply held beliefs that drive your reactions and cause you to get completely worked up about things that someone else wouldn't think twice about. Maybe you respect honesty above all. Stop yourself from overreacting the next time you catch your coworker telling a white lie to your boss. Instead, reflect: Are you fuming because she put you in the bad position of having to play along with her fib or just because you can't stand it that she's lying? As long as no harm is done, save yourself the self-induced stress by chalking it up to different core values and letting it go.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, September 2013.


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