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How Healthy Are You? 13 Instant, Easy Health Checks

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Mental Health Checks

9. What Catches Your Eye in This Drawing?

If you saw the frown face instantly, you've got good attention skills, which is a sign of intelligent memory, the thought process that allows you to be creative and make fast decisions, says Barry Gordon, MD, PhD, director of the Memory Clinic at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. But if it took you a few seconds, you need to boost your ability to focus. Try to avoid multitasking (for example, chatting on the phone while replying to an e-mail while surfing the Web while grabbing for your ringing cell). "It may seem efficient, but it's much more tiring than just focusing on one thing at a time, so it takes you that much longer to get anything done and do it well," says Dr. Gordon.

10. Note How Often You Have a Headache or an Upset Stomach

"If it's more than once a month it's a sign that you're experiencing emotional overload," says Bruce Rabin, MD, PhD, medical director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Healthy Lifestyle Program in Pittsburgh. About half of all women in their 30s suffer from tension headaches. See your doctor to rule out a physical cause, but if it's stress-related, you still need to deal with it. Research shows that chronic stress weakens your immune system and increases your risk for heart disease. One easy stress buster? Laugh. A University of Maryland School of Medicine study found that when people laughed during a comedy, their blood vessels expanded, increasing blood flow to their arteries and reducing their heart disease risk.

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copayextra wrote:

my temp is never 98.6 it is usually higher. but i exercise so maybe this is common. the others have never heard of but i may try them just to guage how healthy i am

4/13/2011 03:35:29 PM Report Abuse
julie-tallman wrote:

In high school (age 18) I graduated at 5'5" and maybe 100 pounds. Over the next two years I grew two inches and climed to 125. Would I be happy at 136? Sure, and today at age 50 and 150 pounds that's an attainable goal. But this advice . . . only 11 pounds over high school is dangerously inaccurate and makes me suspicious of the other health advice you offer.

1/28/2011 08:39:48 AM Report Abuse
ellenw1117835 wrote:

A lot of teenagers are underweight (or at least they were in the 70s) What if I was an underweight teen?

1/27/2011 10:29:50 AM Report Abuse
erica.kraft wrote:

Regarding your BBT.. Read More I am very disappointed that Women's Fitness would put out such FALSE information regarding your BBT's.

1/27/2011 09:50:02 AM Report Abuse
erica.kraft wrote:

Don't think that if you temp is below 98.6 that you have a thyroid issue... that IS FLASE! "The average BBT is 97.48F plus or minus 0.25 during the phase prior to ovulation (follicular phase) and 98.09F plus or minus 0.22 in the phase following ovulation (luteal phase). If conception occurs, the temperature stays at the elevated level and never goes down."

1/27/2011 09:49:46 AM Report Abuse

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