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How Healthy Are Your Bones? Your Anti-Osteoporosis Plan

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Your Ultimate Bone-Boosting Workout

This routine, courtesy of Alana Reed, a New York City Pilates instructor, targets your biggest danger zones: shoulders, arms, spine, wrists, hips, and legs. Complete the circuit twice every other day.

What You Need

BEGINNER A pair of 5-pound dumbbells
INTERMEDIATE A pair of 10-pound dumbbells
ADVANCED A pair of 15-pound dumbbells and one 5-pound dumbbell
ALL Resistance band

Warm Up

Jog in place for 5 minutes.

Wall Squat

Targets: Hips and quads

Stand with back flat against a wall, feet shoulder-width apart about 1 1/2 feet in front of wall, dumbbell in each hand, arms by sides. Slide down wall until thighs are parallel with floor, keeping knees above ankles. Hold for 10 seconds, abs engaged. Return to start. Do 3 reps. Advanced: Hold each squat for 20 seconds.

Tabletop Reach

Targets: Shoulders, back, abs glutes, and hamstrings

Start on all fours (shoulders above wrists, hips above knees). Extend right arm and left leg so both are parallel to floor. Hold for 5 counts; return to start. Switch sides; repeat to complete rep. Do 10 reps. Advanced: Hold each lift for 10 counts.

Wrist Strengthener

Targets: Shoulders, arms, and wrists

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding the end of a resistance band in each hand. Wrap band behind back and extend arms straight out in front of you at shoulder level (tension should be medium-tight), knuckles facing floor. Keeping the band pulled tight, slowly rotate wrists so knuckles face ceiling. Rotate knuckles back down to complete rep. Do 5 reps; rest for 1 minute, then repeat. Work up to 10 reps per set at a time.

The Clam

Target: Hips

Lie on right side with hips and legs stacked, right arm extended under head, abs engaged. Keeping upper body and right leg still, lift left leg straight up to hip level; lower. Do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat. Work up to 30 reps on each side. Advanced: Hold a 5-pound dumbbell in your top hand, arm resting on top thigh, while you do the move.

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