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Rule the Grocery Store: Your Healthy Shopping List

Grabbing groceries can be a tough job, especially when you have to avoid the siren call of potato chips, sugary cereals, and all those candy bars by the checkout counter. To make life easier and keep your diet on track, use our list to fill your cart in a flash.
Chia seeds Chia Seeds

Flax seeds normally garner the biggest buzz, but NYC-based RD Jaclyn London says chia seeds deserve special mention for their health benefits and easy ways to eat them. Chia is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which lower inflammation and decrease the risk of heart disease and many other chronic diseases. Expect to get major antioxidant benefits from this seed, too -- vitamins A, C, and E are all abundant, as well as the bone-building minerals iron and calcium. Chia is also high in fiber, which will keep you fuller longer to help you prevent weight gain. And here's why they trump flax: "They are less expensive and eliminate the work associated with grinding up flax," says London. "They can be consumed whole, whereas flax needs to be ground. They are also stable at room temperature and can literally sit on your shelf for four or five years."