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7 Surprising Sunburn Hot Spots

You know to slather SPF on the usual suspects: arms, legs, and anything your bikini isn't covering. But there are some areas prone to burning that you can't apply SPF to even if you want to! Read on and stay protected from head to toe all year long.
women wearing a sun hat Hot Spot: Your Scalp

In addition to a serious case of visible dandruff, you'll hardly be able to run a comb through your hair without wincing in agony. But aside from a burn-induced bad hair day, singeing your scalp can create other issues. Skin cancers that appear on your scalp, eyelids, and lips are more aggressive than those on other areas of the body, says Dr. Gohara. "People actually miss these spots the most because they don't protect themselves properly."

Stay protected! Sun hats are the magic cure for preventing several forms of serious sun damage (and perfect for concealing unkempt beach hair). Blocking out 98% of UV radiation, Coolibar sun hats are approved by the Melanoma International Foundation and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+. (UPF is a rating system similar to SPF used for sunscreens to measure the UV protection provided by fabric.)