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The 9 Worst Cocktails for Weight Loss

It's summertime, and all you want to do is sip a cool cocktail under the sun. We hear you. But before you pop in that little pink umbrella, make sure you choose your cocktail carefully for your health and waistline. Here, the biggest cocktail calorie bombs of the season.
Glasses of sangria Sangria

Sure, the fruit floating in that glass of sangria looks great, but all those sweeteners make for a ton of excess calories. "Don't be fooled," says Glassman. "Although I love the benefits of red and white wine, sangria often has additional fruit juice, simple syrup, and table sugar mixed in, making this cocktail very caloric." If you can, ask the bartender to skip the sweeteners when he mixes up a new pitcher of sangria. Or opt for a glass of wine instead. If you're making sangria yourself, try this top-notch, fruity option: Mix a bottle of white wine, one cup fresh raspberries, one cup fresh blackberries, and one cup sliced white peaches.