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The 9 Worst Cocktails for Weight Loss

It's summertime, and all you want to do is sip a cool cocktail under the sun. We hear you. But before you pop in that little pink umbrella, make sure you choose your cocktail carefully for your health and waistline. Here, the biggest cocktail calorie bombs of the season.
Pina colada Pina Colada

With its high-cal sugary mixers and artificial flavors—and rum on top of that—a 3.5-ounce pina colada will spike your sugar intake by 35 grams and your calorie count by more than 300 at a minimum. You'll probably consume more calories in this glass than you would with a Big Mac. "There are better ways to treat yourself to a tropical cocktail than mixing sugar with alcohol," says registered dietitian Keri Glassman, author of The New You (and Improved) Diet. She suggests combining rum with unsweetened coconut water and a fresh slice of pineapple to satisfy your craving instead.