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Time to Tweet? Then You Have Time to Eat!

We'd all cook healthier meals, if only we had the time, right? But with the average American spending two hours per day on social networking sites, chances are we have more opportunity than we think. If you're able to find a couple of minutes here and there to update your Facebook status or check Twitter, you already have all the time you need to throw together a nutritious meal. We asked eight healthy living pros to tweet us their favorite fast eats -- good-for-you meals (and one dessert) that can be rattled off in a flash and prepared almost as quickly. Read on for their delicious "tweats."
Devin Alexander BBQ Chicken Pizza In-a-Pinch Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza under 500 calories: Wheat lavash bread, BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, red onion, goat cheese, cilantro.

-- Devin Alexander, The Biggest Loser chef and New York Times bestselling author (@chefdevin)

*Some recipes edited longer than a 140-character tweet for clarity.