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Your Guide to Frizz-Free Hair

A recent survey of more than 17,000 women revealed that frizz is their number-one hair struggle. Regain control of unmanageable tresses and put down your hot tools. Here, the best styling tips for your hair type and texture, plus three pretty 'dos, so you can make every day a good-hair day.
Frizz-free hair Find Your Hair Type

Identifying your hair type is the first step to mastering how to style it. Colleen Creighton, a Victoria's Secret hairstylist based in New York City, recommends this easy tress test: After showering, don't put any product in your hair. The time it takes to air-dry will tip you off to your type.

10 minutes or less = fine hair

10 to 20 minutes = medium hair

20 minutes or more = thick hair