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Get a Hot Yoga Body: The Yoga Booty Workout

Sculpt and tone your lower body using just your body weight and stretch your muscles from head to toe with these yoga poses from celebrity yoga instructor, Hilaria Baldwin.
Yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin About This Workout

The term yoga butt is no joke -- just check out the downward dogs all around you in most any class. "Yoga lets you sculpt, mold, and tone your lower body using just your body weight," notes celebrity yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, the creator and model of the six backside boosters on the next slides. And the perks don't stop there, says Baldwin, who famously helped her husband, Alec, get into shape. "These strengthening moves stretch you too, so you're elongating your muscles at the same time that you're toning them," she explains. Get a lift of your own by doing the exercises for just 20 minutes three days a week.