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Get Fit for Summer: The Bikini Body Boot Camp

Get ready for the beach with this calorie-scorching workout with butt-boosting, core-strengthening, and shoulder-sculpting exercises.
Bikini body boot camp workout Fat-Blasting Cardio Drills

Pump up this workout by adding these high-energy intervals, each designed to boost your heart rate and amp up the calorie burn. Pick one from the list below and do it for 20 seconds (go all out if you can), then recover for 10 seconds. Repeat with the same drill or pick another; keep going until you've done it eight times. Then move on to the strength circuit on the following pages, doing one set of each move (12 to 15 reps, unless otherwise noted) before returning to another cardio burst. Follow the chart below for the full workout.

Warm-up: 4 minutes
Cardio burst 1: 4 minutes
Strength circuit: 10 minutes
Cardio burst 2: 4 minutes
Strength circuit: 10 minutes
Cardio burst 3: 4 minutes
Strength circuit: 10 minutes
Cardio burst 4: 4 minutes
Cool-down: 3 to 5 minutes

Total time: 55 minutes

High knees
Stand with feet hip-width apart, elbows bent 90 degrees at sides. Bring alternate knees up high toward chest as quickly as possible as you pump arms.

Begin in a standing position, then squat, placing hands on floor. Jump (or walk) feet back in one quick motion until you're in a full plank position. Jump feet forward in one quick motion, going back into a squat. Return to standing. Repeat each step of the sequence as quickly as possible.

Plyo lunges
Begin in a basic lunge position, both knees bent 90 degrees, front knee over ankle. In an explosive movement, jump, switch legs in the air, and land with bent knees in lunge.

Mountain climbers
Begin in a full plank position. Keeping left foot stationary, bring right knee toward chest. Return right foot to start while bringing left knee toward chest. Continue, alternating legs.

Squat jumps
Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms at sides. Squat down, knees over ankles, then jump up explosively, reaching hands toward ceiling. Land in squat position, knees bent; repeat.