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10 Training Tips for Triathlon Beginners

Just signed up for a tri? Go you! Wondering what to do next? Just start right here.
Bike riding tips Get Fitted

Forget a glass slipper -- the perfect fit is all in the laces. To find yours, Kreideweis suggest going to a running store that offers feet analyses. Besides giving recommendations based on where, how often, and for how long you run, shoe specialists can examine your foot strike and form to get you the best shoe for your needs. (You'll actually run on a treadmill in the store, so you can see if the pro's pick is comfortable before you buy.) Make sure to show up in workout clothes so you can jog comfortably. You'll have your feet videotaped as you run for a few minutes which will then be played back in slow motion to determine the right pair for you. Whether you have flat arches, pronate, or just have a wonky gait, finding the right shoe will help you run stronger and, most importantly, will help prevent injury.

Last, even if you are borrowing a bike, take a trip to your local bike shop where they can adjust it to get you your best fit, suggests Gaelyn Rogers, CSCS, a ShiftPT physical therapist in New York. Bonus: They usually do it for free!