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The 5 Most Common Running Injuries and How to Fix Them

Running may not be a contact sport, but runners can certainly rack up a slew of injuries. Here, the most common running injuries and how to feel better fast.
runner stretching Shin Splints

You could run 5Ks or marathons, but eventually almost every runner suffers from shin splints, often caused by overuse. You'll know you have them if you feel a dull throbbing in your shins every time you go to lace up. However, Dr. Popovitz warns that shin splints can often be sign of an underlying issue. If you experience pain when you're not running, especially when walking on concrete or at night, you'll need to see a doctor for an X-ray or MRI to make sure it's not a stress fracture.

Fix It Fast: For immediate relief, Dr. Popovitz says you can use an anti-inflammatory like aspirin to ease any discomfort. Regular stretching, physical therapy, and running with neoprene sleeves to warm up the leg muscles also may help.